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Therapy for Anxiety

Online therapy for anxiety in Encino and all of California.


Having big feelings and gaining support while moving through them.

Experiencing all of the complexities of panic attacks can be a daunting journey, but you are not alone in this. Panic is overwhelming and can trigger both intense emotional and physical reactions. Some symptoms are dizziness, rapid heart beat, intense fear, and difficulty breathing. As an HSP the intensity can feel unmanageable so let's explore your fears in a safe space and together learn to find relief.


Gaining support on working through worry and anxiety.

Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than what you may be worried about can impact daily tasks, relationships, and self-esteem. Working together we can help to uncover underlying causes of worry - fear and learn to live the life you have always desired. 

Working together on understanding one another.

In our closest most intimate relationships we may find ourselves blaming, criticizing, and negatively reacting to our partners. Sometimes feelings you experienced in childhood relationships resurface in adult relationships. Couples counseling is designed to help work out misunderstandings, reduce conflict, rediscover ways to bond, communicate, and develop an understanding and awareness of underlying emotional wounds that need healing. 

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